Over the past few months I’ve been living a double life.
Not only have I been drinking mid-priced wine and talking about it (or more often than not, drinking said mid-priced wine, then forgetting to write about it!) I’ve also been hard at work training for a night of …dancing.
A friend who works for a Scottish children’s charity Aberlour, convinced that the one really great way to help them would be to take to the ballroom floor in Edinburgh for cash. Maybe the idea is to pay me to make me stop.
M and I have put in a fair few hours and worked out a routine. Come 9pm GMT tomorrow we’ll be decked out in trilbee hats, braces and skinny jeans for our skit to The Jam’s A Town Called Malice.
I’ve never done anything for charity like this before, save a sponsored 24 hour fast when I was 11 that I broke with only an hour left by eating a boiled sweet.
Amazingly it’s been tremendous fun. We’ve already raised £400 or so and I’m hoping that before tomorrow night is out there’ll be a few more kind donations.

If you can help the charity – find out more here then visit my Just Giving site www.justgiving.com/neilandmhairidhdancing

2 thoughts on “I’m In The Mood For Dancing

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