I quite like surprises.
So when a friend of mine came back from a trip to Croatia brandishing a bottle of wine and demanding a blog post, I was only too willing to oblige.

Croatia is a big wine producer, but the majority of its fare doesn’t find its way across the border. Just like nearby Italy, the country is teeming with a myriad of different grape varieties, some of which won’t be found anywhere else.

Its status as a hidden gem may be about to change over the next few years and so what I’ve been drinking this week may be more commonly available in the UK in the future than it is now.
My friend MC – who just so happens to be the same person that roped me in to a certain dancing event – came back raving about the great wine she and her girlfriend enjoyed while they were away. So much so, she said, it was worth a post all to itself.

My appetite was well and truly whetted.

The particular wine which found its way back was one of their favourites during their stay. Pošip is a white wine grape from the Dalmatia coast and the first thing to note about it was before the wine was even poured. The bottle was fantastic – really heavy dark green glass.

I know nothing of Pošip. I can’t even blag this by reading what was on the label – my Croatian is not really up to par I’m afraid.
I think I was probably expecting something drinkable but perhaps a bit sharp. Or maybe something fragrant and more lightweight like a Pinot Grigio.
But this wine was a classy number. On the nose it seemed very reminiscent of a Viognier, with a hint of fruit – peaches and apricots rather than citrus.
The taste was similarly fruity. Very smooth and a lingering silky aftertaste.

It’s actually been a while since my last bottle of wine, and certainly a while since the last one worth writing about. This was a welcome return to form. Croatia could well have found its way onto my list of places to seek out.

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