Spanish and Tuscan wines from Majestic

Spanish and Tuscan wines from Majestic

The wine supply at Casa FNWT has been rather depleted of late. So friends coming to stay was a perfect opportunity to restock.
A trip to Majestic Wines beckoned and a relaxed browsing through lots of exciting names and regions.
Looking through the neatly organised stacks of bottles reminds me of when I was a teenager and would pop into HMV or Our Price and browse the music shelves – looking at what’s new, what’s recommended – and resisting the overdraft-straining urge of a ‘Supermarket Sweep’ run of the aisles.
Two of them were picked with dinner in mind – a rich chicken and chorizo casserole.
The first, a Dogajolo, from Tuscany 2011 – 70% Sangiovese and 30% Cabernet Sauvignon, was well-rounded and rich without being overpowering. It was lovely and most likely would have complemented the main course. Sadly of course it never got close to coinciding with dinner – but proved to be a good aperitif for the just drinking and chatting part.
The second, thankfully did make it to dinner.
A Vina Eguia, 2006 Rioja. A bargain at £5.99 and one that seems to be being pushed by Majestic as one of their wines for the winter.
It was earthier than the first. A nice wine to eat with food.
The third of the batch was also opened later on – a Chardonnay from the Fairleigh Estate in New Zealand. Great classic New World toasty aroma. The taste was a disappointment – a bit too sharp and acidy – although this may be more down to the point of the evening it had come out – maybe it would have been better with a creamy dish early on.
Christmas is coming soon and with a full house, there’s going to be an even bigger restock planned. Such a shame.

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