Forgive me for possibly repeating myself but I’m still quite wary about Pinot Noir.IMG-20130120-00291

BUT… seeing as some of the finest wines in the world are made from that grape it’s probably something I’m going to have to learn to deal with.

The reason I’m still nervous about it is because I know if I pick up my usual mid-priced bottle, it could be total crap – and the evening is ruined as the inside of my mouth puckers up like a prune and I develop an urge to neck pints of water.

However, every so often I get the chance to have a drink when somebody else is doing the choosing and I can see for myself what sort of finer qualities I should be looking for.

This was a 2001 Burgundy, from  a Gevrey -Chambertin Premier Cru from the Fonteny vineyard.

(An interesting aside – in my day job I have been writing this week about the scandal of traces of horse DNA turning up in frozen horse burgers – raising the question “do we really know where our food comes from”, yet with wine the amount of specifics on a bottle of wine can often trace it down to the row of grapes it was picked from)

The colour of the wine was a deep rich, well, Burgundy actually. It had a subtle and sophisticated flavour with a savoury but not bitter finish.

So, January has not exactly been a dry month. More a case of doing more with less.

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