I was so pleased to discover the other day that the subject of one of my favourite karaoke songs was not in fact a song about a woman,  but concerned a man’s love for a drink.

Not content with penning Red Red Wine, Neil Diamond’s Cracklin’ Rose was about rosé wine. Just like Bad Manners wrote Special Brew about the weapons-grade strength lager…and Silver Machine was about a bicycle.

I’ve not really been drinking so much wine recently (Or at least I’ve not been writing about it- which is probably not quite the same thing) but was spurred back into action by a bottle of La Grille Rosé, a nice-mid price range bottle from Majestic composed of Pinot Noir grapes.

I probably fall into that camp of people who are ever-so-slightly mistrustful of all wines “pink”.  They carry with them something of a reputation and has made me slightly reluctant to pick it.

Of course this opinion is thoroughly outdated – and hugely unfair as it goes. This wine was the perfect bridge between a light and summer-suited white and the character of a red.

It was smooth and silky, but with a dry edge to it. The best part though was the lingering creamy aftertaste.

Cracklin’ Rose indeed…

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