Remember the first time you tasted alcohol?

It was probably horrible. But because it was alcohol and “grown-up” you screwed up your face, gritted your teeth, said “mmm that’s lovely” and got on through it. Just in case you didn’t get another chance and would be forever doomed to drinking squash.

Somewhere along the line you got used to it and discovered that drinking a lot of it made you fall over.

But as fun as falling over may be, you realise after a while you can stop screwing you face up because actually… it’s quite nice.

Now, I like wine. A lot. And over the last few years I’ve started trying to get to know more about it.  I can just about tell my Blossom Hill from my Burgundy, but I’ve got a long way to go.

I don’t want to be a wine snob, but I hope that by writing about it and going out and searching out interesting stuff to drink, my Friday night bottle of plonk might be even better.

9 thoughts on “About Friday Night Wine Time

  1. Have you tried Portuguese Green Wine (vinho verde)? DELICIOUS! Actually, just about all Portuguese wines are quite tasty! I’m not sure where you live, but in the US BevMo does carry some, and I know they had one of the best Vinho Verdes (in my opinion) from Portugal: Casal Garcia. Also, Rosé wine from Portugal is excellent, especially Mateus!

    • Oh wait, I just saw that you are in Scotland…scratch off BevMo…but maybe someone will carry it there. Portuguese wines are hard to come by outside of Portugal because they are all pretty small…but if you find some, try it, and even better if you have the opportunity to go to Portugal, do it! When I lived there (2008-2009) a good “cheap” bottle ran around 4 Euro and an “expensive” good wine was about 14. Casal Gacia was about 5. 🙂

    • Hi there, thanks for reading the blog and getting in touch. I’ve never been to Portugal but I have noticed a lot of their wines crossing my path recently.

      Neil @ fridaynightwinetime

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